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An Air Conditioning Inspection Certificate became mandatory for all air conditioning systems over 250kW in January 2009, and in January 2011, it will be mandatory for all air conditioning systems over 12kW. An air conditioning systems inspection must be undertaken by a qualified Commercial Buildings Air Conditioning Systems Energy Assessor. The primary aim of the report is to give building owners and operators information about the performance of the systems and plant and to identify opportunities to save energy and cut operating cuts. The report identifies any operating anomalies, low and no cost savings and capital investment opportunities, the size and effectiveness of the plant installed

in relation to cooling loads, and an examination of the current maintenance regimes. The inspection consists of examination of the following where applicable: system documentation,  refrigeration plant, heat rejection equipment, waterborne cooling and air conditioning systems, air handling units and duct work, outdoor air inlets, systems controls.

Our energy assessors can perform inspections and issue reports on all types of air conditioning systems. The depth and quality of our assessment is reflected in our vast knowledgable energy efficient within the built commercial environment.


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