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Commercial EPCs from £180 (exl lodgement fees)

Display Energy Certificates from £275

TM44 Air Conditioning Energy Assessments from £490


Low Cost Energy Assessor!


Commercial EPC assessment from £180 (exluding lodgements fee)

DEC Renewal - from £275

Required on all building with a total cooling capacity greater than12kW.

Required on the sale or lease of a domestic property prior to marketing.


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ESOS assessment - please contact us on 0844 800 6562 or 07849644480

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This is mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria;

 - employs at least 250 people

 - employs less than 250 people but has an annual turnover in excess of £44.1 million , and an annual balance sheet total in excess of £37.9 million


Required for the sale or rental of non-domestic dwellings prior to marketing.

From 2018 each EPC MUST HAVE minimum rating E.

Required for public buildings with a total useful floor area over 250 m2


NEC is one of the largest commercial EPC providers in the UK. As part of the UK commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the UK has introduced a number of commercial EPC and domestic EPC energy assessment certification schemes as a means to raising awareness about energy efficient practices. In all cases certification must be undertaken by suitable qualified and accredited energy assessor. Current energy performance certificate (EPC) requirements include commercial energy performance certificates, domestic EPC, Display Energy Certificates (DECs) assessments and air conditioning energy assessments. We also provide ESOS Assesment (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme).


NEC is the leading national provider of commercial energy performance certificates (and other related energy assessment services.  Wherever you are, whatever energy performance certificate requirements, our team of experienced energy assessors are here to ensure that your road to energy certification compliance is swift and hassle frees.

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